The latest, uber-trendy machine on the barista scene is called Blossom

The machine has been designed by the American Jeremy Kuempel, coffee geek and former employee of Tesla and Apple. Blossom Brewer, the full name for Kuempel’s invention, is being marketed in the Netherlands by Buscaglione Espresso.

The sleekly designed Blossom is a high tech machine full of smart electronics. To begin with Blossom selects the best programme for every coffee. Using a knob on the front of the machine the barista chooses the coffee. Then he follows the step by step instructions provided by the machine. The machine indicates when the next step is required using bleeps. This frees the Barista to complete other tasks between steps.

Exact science

The water from the Blossom comes from a boiler that is equipped with a precise thermostat. Even the metal cylinder on the top is warmed by a thermostat. In this way there is no temperature swing during the process, as found with manual filter coffee. The water volume is also dosed to the millilitre.

Everybody that has made filter coffee knows what a delicate craft it is. With manual machines such as the Aeropress, Chemed or old fashioned filter cone it is difficult to achieve a consistent flavour. Techie Kuempel wanted to make the ultimate filter coffee machine. Kuempel: “Filter coffee reacts strongly to variations in temperature, extraction time, pressure, grind and volume. I wanted a machine that could precisely control all of the variables.”

The Blossom Brewer costs €6,000 and is intended for professional baristas that work a lot with filter coffee and want a more precise and less labour intensive process than that offered by a manual system.