Advanced barista

In the BBA Advanced Barista course we go deeper into the fascinating world of coffee. Coffee has a long history that began in the Ethiopian province of Kaffa. You will learn about the coffee trade, certifications and the different qualities of beans. The course also covers the harvest and the different processing methods of coffee beans, such as the dry and wet methods, that have a large effect on the taste of coffee. We will of course also teach you about roasting. Every batch of beans is different and it requires considerable experience and skill to correctly roast coffee.

The emphasis of our Advanced Barista course lies on practice. To achieve the perfect taste the barista must constantly adjust dosing, grind , extraction time and water volume.

Barista skills that are offered in the Advanced Barista course are:

Technical skills
Taste, body and aroma
Fine adjustment of the coffee mill
Bar management

The BBA Advanced Barista course lasts 1 day, it is followed two weeks later with a 1 hour exam. Participants that pass the exam receive the BBA Advanced Barista certificate. The course accommodates a maximum of 6 participants.

The course is intended for experienced baristas that have the necessary basic skills and will develop these skills to a high professional level.