Espresso machine with PET-bottle on board

The Ciao has swapped the water tank for a 500 ml PET water bottle. Instead of filling a water tank hotel guests place a PET bottle in the holder. This is practical and hygienic and makes it easy to see if there s sufficient water to brew with. The Ciao takes ESE pod servings.

The machine is equipped with a setting that reduces energy consumption automatically when on standby mode. To reduce calcification the Ciao is equipped with a patented Hydraulic Self-cleaning system.


Price: €249 plus VAT
Dimensions: 14cm wide, 30cm high, 33cm deep
Weight: 5.35 kg
System: ESE pods
Tank Capacity: 500ml (PET bottle)
Chassis: Galvanised steel
Energy Consumption: 400w
Electricity: 230V/50Hz - 120V/60Hz - 100V/60Hz
Available colours: red, white, grey