INK hotel wins Dutch Hotel Award

Amsterdam walks away with all of the prizes

In the Crowne Plaza Promenade hotel in The Hague general manager Melle van Uden from the Dikker & Thijs Fenice Hotel in Amsterdam was named as the winner of the first Misset Hotel Young Talent Award. Hans Meyer from Boku won the Misset Hotel Personality Award. Eric Toren from The Toren and concept developer Bram van der Hoek from EHPC (including Sir Albert and Max Brown) were jointly awarded European Hotelier of the Year.
High points for the Buscaglione Espresso sponsored evening was the unveiling of the Dutch Hotel Award 2016 which was won by INK Hotel Amsterdam. Second place went to Bilderberg Klein Zwitserland and third place to Sir Albert Amsterdam.

Therefore all of the prizewinners were Amsterdammers, but as Ewout Hogendoorn iterated in his presentation: 40 percent of all Dutch overnight stays in hotels are in Amsterdam. It should therefore not come as a surprise that a lot happens and a lot of talent works there.

The team from INK Hotel received the award on Thursday 23rd June during the Hotel Management Dinner, from the chairman of the jury, Bas Tolmeijer. INK followed Hotel van Oranje, last year’s winners. Competing in the Dutch Hotel Award is really cool” said general manager Jolanda Sadni Ziane. “We have been going crazy for two weeks and as a team will be flying for the time to come.”

The final task called for the “organising a pop-up that would show the quality of the team”. INK reached back into the history of the property, a former newspaper printer. Clothed in 1920’s style outfits the ladies typed the menu “live” on old fashioned typewriters, which was then presented by assistants to passers by.

There were many posts on social media, which attracted yet more attention. Even the Metro newspaper picked the story up and published it the following day. According to commercial manager Moreno Forte the value of the media attention from the event reached €10,000.

Source: Misset Horeca/Photos: Koos Groenewold