Michiel van der Eerde has been name as the Most Significant Dutch Hospitality Entrepreneur in 2016/7. He was selected from fourteen regional winners.

Jury chairman Hans Steenbergen praised the Most Significant Hospitality Entrepreneur saying: “Rock and roll in the kitchen. Courage, creativity, risk. Entrepreneurship through and through.”

Pop-up restaurant Baut is a success in four locations in Amsterdam, a fifth location is coming. Van der Eerde has also opened, in a fixed location, Restaurant C. The entrepreneur received his chef’s training at classic top locations such as De Hoefslag, Bokkedoorns en Oud Sluis. Afterwards he worked at IO Creative. Steenbergen: “In summary he maintains the quality on the plate but the setting for the dining is never rough and surprising enough.”

Every other year Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) organises the selection of the Most Significant Hospitality Entrepreneur. The Most Significant Dutch Hospitality Entrepreneur is chosen from the fourteen regional winners.