Contract signed with Wine Professional

Buscaglione Espresso has become a sponsor of the Tour Culinair (TC). The contract with the cycling hospitality headliner has been signed for the Wine Professional by Tour Culinair chairman Ton Lenting and Buscaglione owner Anton Willemars.

TC chairman Ton Lenting is pleased with the sponsorship from Buscaglione Espresso: “The Tour Culinair cannot be organised without the funding and support of sponsors. We are lucky to have companies and agencies, such as Buscaglione, that are sympathetic towards our initiative and support the network.

Class act
The Tour Culinair peloton is made up of leaders from the hospitality world: exceptional entrepreneurs, executives, advisors and journalists. They all represent a company, government agency or organisation that is active in catering. The purpose is networking and promotion of hospitality. Every year a few prominent politicians join the peloton as guests. Along the way they visit several hospitality companies.

Every year, in the region where the Tour is ridden, the TC-peloton awards a class act trophy. The award goes to an established hospitality entrepreneur that is an example to other hospitality entrepreneurs.

First the peloton will ride the Spring Classic around Utrecht on the 28th April. At Buscaglione in Breukelen the cyclists will certainly enjoy their best ever coffee stop.