Stach Food recently opened in Amsterdam’s WTC. This is already the 15th branch of this wonderful eatery. Stacy has worked with Buscaglione right from the start.

For those that don’t yet know Stach Food: It is a delicious combination of restaurant, food shop and local supermarket, stuffed full with high quality products and meals: from homemade breads, soups, hambergers, pizzas, quiches, salads, sausages and wines to crisps, chocolate and other guilty pleasures.

Swimming pool
Stach Schaberg opened the first shop in Amsterdam in 2011. He now has 15 branches: 11 in Amsterdam, 3 in Utrecht and 1 in Overveen. Now everyone that works in the Zuidas or WTC can also reach Stach thanks to the shop on the ground floor of the WTC building, on Strawinskylaan.

“Being a shopkeeper seems to be in my blood” says Stach about the success of his formula. He previously worked for two food retailers but spotted a gap in the convenience space: “In an increasingly busy society people have little time to prepare healthy food. I wanted to offer a solution to this problem.” Those that shop at Stach never need to cook for themselves. “Stach stands for easy, fresh and lots of choice.”

On his 9th birthday Stach applied for a job in the small shop at his local swimming pool, a job that he did every summer until reaching 18. “During my second job with a food retailer I began to get more ideas in my head. These ideas kept coming and wouldn’t leave me. Then you reach a point where you aren’t learning any more and really need to become an entrepreneur.” In the meantime his shop has been in existence for 5 years and Stach is a hotspot for foodies. This place makes your mouth water.

Stach worked with Buscaglione from the beginning. “The pay off from Stach is that “they know what is tasty.” The delicious flavour is one of the reasons to choose Buscaglione. Our customers are very satisfied with our coffee.”