World Barista Championship Seoul, 9-12 November

The World Barista Championship has tightened up its rules, raising the bar for baristas participating in November. In Seoul they will need to demonstrate their technical skills.

To better show the proficiency of the baristas the baristas may adjust the temperature of the espressomachine, as long as it remains between 90.5°C and 96°C. A further tightening: the flavour description of the coffee that the participants present to the jury must match the flavour in the cup, not the flavour characteristics of the bean. The visual judgement of the coffee will concern, more than ever, the balance in the cup. These are values that Buscglione has stood for many years for with the ‘La Resa in Tazza’ philosophy. It is not the bean but the flavour in the cup that is the most important.

The organisers of the Championship are also giving more attention to female participants. By allowing participants to choose between two heights smaller women will not be disadvantaged with a high table. There will also be a choice of nine arrangements of the tables.

The number of half finalists will be increased from 12 to 16. The 15 best scores will go directly through, the 16th will be a wildcard. The wildcard will go to the highest scoring participant from the winning team of the team competition that has not yet won a place in the half finals. The team performance will therefore be more important in the November competition. In the first round the participants will compete simultaneously with each other on the podium.

The changes only apply to the World Barista Championship. The national championships will remain as before. The World Barista Championship 2017 is between the 9th and 12th November in Seoul. In 2018 the championship will be between 19th and 21st June in Amsterdam.

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