Misset Horeca, the trade publication, has revealed the Netherlands’ most beautiful coffees.

Misset Horeca, under the headline “Handsome cups: inspiringly presented coffees”, has shown the most beautifully presented coffees in the Netherlands. Coffee presentation is continuing to improve according to the trade publication. One of the most inspiring examples according to the magazine is that of De Librije: “The cups, designed by Studio Mattes, plates from Binnenwerk Vormgevers and the coffee are a treat for the eyes”.

Perhaps een more remarkable is that De Librije serves Buscaglione’s 100% Indian Robusta, an unusual choice.

The petits four are worthy of separate comment according to Misset Horeca. They are served on a pretty board and represent the flavours of, and around, the forest. These are: blackberry, bergamot, pine and apple, sorrel, pine nut, cep, chocolate, juniper berry and lemon. An accompanying menu enables guests to discover what they have before them.