a unique coffee blend made from 100% robusta

Leading Restaurant Chooses a Special Blend

Three star restaurant De Librije has recently begun serving our Indian Robusta. Yes you read that correctly, a coffee blend made from 100% robusta beans. Two star restaurants ’t Nonnetje and Kaatje bij de Sluis also have our Indian Robusta in their coffee mills. Librije hostess Thérèse Boer is enthusiastic about the special blend: “This coffee has an even richer flavour than Buscaglione, it is really wonderful.”

Kerala lies in the southwestern corner of India, it is a region with lush vegetation including many spices and more than 600 species of tree. Kerala’s mountains reach 2,000m, providing the region with a cool and densely forested hinterland. The lower lying hills and valleys are used for coffee production. Our Robusta is a blend from several plantations found at an elevation of 900m.

The coffee itself has a fruity sweetness and full mouthfeel. The result in the cup is an exceptionally sweet, velvety espresso with cinnamon and milk chocolate notes. It is like drinking a bar of molten chocolate. Buscaglione Indian Robusta is wonderful as espresso and a treat as a cappuccino.

Buscaglione Indian Robusta is a unique espresso with limited availability. This special coffee costs €17.50 for a 500g bag.